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Paid Media

Browse through some results we've achieved for clients utilising our proven strategies for rapid scale at profitable returns.

Content Creation

Check out some pieces of content we've created for our clients, generating the highest return on ad spend, increased CTRs and average watch times.

Promo Styled Content

User Generated Content (UGC)

Hybrid UGC Content

Why Affected Growth?

We’ve spent over $10million on paid media

We understand what content converts best

We want the best return on your dollar

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I’ve been with agencies that promise the world but deliver subpar results, how is Affected Growth any different?

Our team are dedicated to scaling businesses profitably and each member has a growth addiction. It’s in our best interests to help you achieve your goal to ensure we reach our goals!

How long does handover take?

Handover can take a maximum of 3 days depending on your particular circumstance. We want to ensure we understand as much as we can and the areas of opportunity which need to be capitalised on.

Will i see a dip during handover?

The handover will be a gradual process of eliminating underpeforming aspects throughout the business, to implement and transition into our long term growth strategy.

How to best work with a growth partner?

TRUST. TRUST. TRUST. Now you might have been burned previously but you need to have faith in our process and understand we have a shared goal of acheiving your targets!

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